Tighter Recycling Controls

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UNSCRUPULOUS businesses that dump commercial material at council sites meant for household waste will face tighter controls if new measures get the green light.

Scrutiny of loads taken to Baldovie and Riverside household waste recycling centres has shown an upsurge in the amount of waste which should be paid for through commercial charges.

John Alexander convener of Dundee City Council’s neighbourhood services committee said: “It has become obvious over recent months that some businesses are taking what should be trade waste, and therefore paid for, to our household recycling sites and leaving it there for free.

“Since 2011 this has been against the rules and it can cause a number of problems including congestion on the sites, which may deter householders from using them and commercial waste not being segregated into different recyclable streams which affects the recycling rate.

“It is the people of Dundee that suffer as a result of this through a double financial hit because we lose income on trade waste and have to pay extra for its disposal, all of which is money that could be used for services that benefit local council tax payers.

“We believe the new policy offer a fair and workable way to prevent this happening and the existing procedures that we have in place to deter so called fly-tipping are there so that these selfish and dishonest businesses have no choice but to play by the rules.”

A report to be considered by the neighbourhood services committee on Monday (September 12) lays out a number of options to deter and detect people who try to deposit commercial waste at a domestic site.

Among the recommendations is the introduction of a resident permit system in which any local person who uses a non commercial van would have to register it before visiting a household waste recycling centre. Registration allows them to get a free permit.

If a resident has hired the van, they will be requested to provide proof of hire and given access to the site once this has been shown.

As per current rules all commercial vans will still have to use Baldovie Transfer Station, and pay a commercial waste fee.

Under the proposals the council will also have access to the DVLA web enabled enquiry scheme.

This allows the council to find out the registered keeper of a vehicle that has been seen or reported fly tipping, using an authorised waste disposal site or without the permission of the landowner.

An enquiry may also be made where a vehicle is carrying controlled waste and the driver fails to produce authority or waste transfer documentation, or the waste being carried is proven to be liquid, hazardous or clinical waste.

If the committee approves the new policy relevant staff will be trained to implement the revised measures, existing administration procedures will be modified to deal with permit requests and breaches of policy and the new measures will be widely publicised.

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