Measures to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation

Measures to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation Image

As part of concerted efforts to protect Dundee children against sexual exploitation, city council staff have been briefed by Alexis Jay, who is now leading the historic enquiry into child sexual abuse in England and Wales. 

This initiative is included in an update on a local action plan to tackle the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and support vulnerable children, which will be considered by councillors on Monday (October 31). 

The community safety and public protection committee will hear that there have been a number of measures in the last year aimed at prevention and early identification. 

These include:

  • Training to front line staff
  • Presentations on the issues to Local Community Planning Partnerships
  • ‘Life Online’ safety sessions for young people
  • Distribution of internet safety guides for parents and families
  • Outreach services for children and young people related to CSE and also mental wellbeing and emotional health 

A  Multi-Agency Operational Group on CSE has also been established to pro-actively share intelligence on potential and known victims and perpetrators. 

The group shares information on episodes of going missing, where children and young people are congregating, party flats and the night time economy. This has aided the early identification of problems, disruption activity, prosecutions and targeted support. 

The committee will be told that efforts will be ongoing across a number of areas to continue the work against CSE in Dundee in the future. 

Councillor Alan Ross, convener of the community safety and public protection committee, said: “There can be no complacency when it comes to the safety and protection of children. 

“What this update shows us quite clearly is that the council and its partners are making every effort and will continue to work extremely hard on these issues. 

“Internet safety, for example, is an area where we have been extremely proactive and we will continue to use creative methods to get the message across to as many children as possible. 

“All the partners are keen that families can play their part as well and can get all the assistance that they need. 

“We cannot emphasise enough that Child Protection is everybody's job. 

“If anyone sees behaviour that is of concern, or if a child or young person tells you something that makes you concerned, you need to take them seriously, and act. Telephone the child protection line on (01382) 307999.”

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