Community Asset Transfers

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THE SITE of a former care home and a council-owned bothy could be transferred to the community for the nominal sum of a £1 each. 

The proposals, set to come before councillors next week would see the Yard Scotland, a charity which provides children and young people with disabilities and their siblings the chance to experience creative and adventurous play take over the site of the former Douglas House at 8 Balunie Drive. 

A second transfer of the former Bothy in Balunie Drive will go to locally based charity East Dundee Environmental Network (EDEN). 

Will Dawson convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “These transfers have been through a rigorous and exhaustive process to ensure that the assets we are transferring will be used to benefit the communities they are in.

“The Yard will offer not just young people with disabilities in Douglas, but from across Dundee the chance to experience play with their siblings in a way that is not always possible at other facilities. 

“Meanwhile EDEN continues to play a major role in the care and protection of the environment in the north of Dundee, particularly around the Dighty. 

“Taking council property and land that we no longer have a use for and making it available to charities that can provide services and engagement with their communities is a win-win deal.” 

In 2013 the council set up a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Steering Group to consider applications.  The group introduced a staged application process and scoring mechanism to process applications received. 

After consideration by the group The Yard’s application scored 69.65 out of 100 while the EDEN bid was assessed at 66.9 out of 100. 

The city development committee will meet on Monday (October 31) to discuss both community asset transfers.

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