Blue Badge eligibility pilot

Blue Badge eligibility pilot Image

THE TYPE of disability covered by Scotland’s blue badge scheme has been extended for a trial period.

Now people diagnosed with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment may be eligible for a badge for use when travelling in a family member/carer’s vehicle.

The scheme provides an essential service for disabled people allowing parking access that can often make the difference to the way they live their lives.

Changes to the criteria allow applications from some people with a diagnosed mental disorder; a legal definition which includes conditions like dementia, autism and Down’s Syndrome; who lack awareness of danger from traffic which could compromise their safety or that of others.

Applicants also need to demonstrate eligibility by completing an application form, claiming certain social security benefits at certain rates and getting a healthcare or social work professional to provide information about the risk posed.

Dundee City Council is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the scheme in the city and it will provide a separate application form and help to apply as part of the pilot arrangements.

To find out more about the full eligibility criteria and how to apply go to

If a decision is made to award a badge it will be for 12 months.

More information about the extension can be found at

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