Restricted parking bays abuse plea

Restricted parking bays abuse plea Image

PARKING CHIEFS in Dundee are appealing to all motorists to think twice before parking in a restricted bay.

The call comes in the wake of the findings of a Holyrood Committee which revealed that people still think it is acceptable to use a disabled parking place to “nip to the shops”.

Lynne Short convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “These findings chime with us in Dundee where we know that this type of thing happens on an all too frequent basis.

“Our enforcement team does have the ability to hand out fixed penalty notices when they see such abuse but almost inevitably they are not there when a space is being abused and it is usually the time when a disabled person needs it.

“So the best way to ensure the allocated spaces are available all the time for the people who need them is for other drivers to park in an unrestricted bay, even if they are just nipping to the shops.”

Dundee City Council is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the blue badge scheme in the city and works closely with access groups on a variety of related issues.

Cllr Short added: “People with disabilities have the right to enjoy the independence and transport options that most of us take for granted, and inconsiderate drivers who park in disabled bays take that away from them.

“It’s easy to nip to the shops if you don’t have to take a wheelchair out of the car, set it up and get yourself from the car to the chair and that might be worth thinking about next time you use a disabled space, for even a brief time.”

The Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act become law in 2009 and aims to make all disabled persons’ parking places legally enforceable, preventing their misuse.

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