Dundee City Council against Raising the Age of the Bus Pass

Dundee City Council against Raising the Age of the Bus Pass Image

Dundee City Council is recommending that the Scottish Government reinvest any savings that they make should they go ahead with changes to free bus travel for the over sixties.

Depute Convener of City Development Councillor Mark Flynn said: “Bus services are vital for people in Dundee, we have one of the lowest rates of car ownership in Scotland, therefore access to a reliable and affordable local bus services is extremely important.”

The budget for the scheme is currently around £192m per annum and edging upwards each year, therefore the Scottish Government is looking at new proposals to improve the long term sustainability of the scheme.

Dundee City Council are in favour of retaining the current age eligibility for the scheme, which sits at 60.

The response outlines that council is opposed to raising the age eligibility to state pension age over a period of time, but accepts that the Scottish Government may need to take this decision.

He continued: “We are a city that is on the up with lots of positive things going on at the moment. But we are also a city that that has high levels of deprivation and therefore any moves to raise the age that people receive their free bus pass are unwelcome.

He added: “We understand that the Scottish Government may need to make changes to ensure the longevity of the scheme, and therefore have suggested that 50% of the saving generated in future years should be ring-fenced and made available to support local bus services in local communities.”

Dundee City Council is also asked to respond to a number of the proposals being considered, including changes that will offer free travel to Modern Apprentices and free travel to companions of disabled children under the age of five, the city development committee are being recommend to support both of these changes.

The City Development Committee is being asked to approve the council response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Monday (October 30).

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