Enforcement on illegal advertising

Enforcement on illegal advertising Image

ROADS CHIEFS in Dundee have launched a clampdown on illegal banners and posters alongside main routes in the city.

The advertising banners attached to safety barriers, lampposts and tied to other street furniture need permission to ensure that they are not dangerous or distracting.

Mark Flynn depute convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “If there is one thing about the roads network in the city that gets raised with almost every councillor it is the proliferation of unauthorised advertising that has been popping up.

“While there always seems to be a low level of this kind of activity, recently we have seen an absolute glut and enough is enough.

“I know of one person who has taken it on himself to remove these and has collected more than 100 from various locations in just a few days!

“They are a hazard and danger to all road users and there are very good reasons why anyone who wants to put up such banners needs to go through the proper channels.

“So the message to any business or individual who is considering putting up an advertising banner like this is simple – if you haven’t asked us, don’t do it.

“There are plenty of legitimate sites where advertising can be displayed in Dundee, and while I realise that they have a cost, part of the price you pay- is to ensure that road users are not distracted by something put up in an unsafe location.”

Various council service areas and trunk road operator BEAR Scotland have been collaborating in recent weeks on plans to remove unauthorised banners.

Cllr Flynn added: “Teams will be on the streets in the next few days taking down these unsightly and dangerous items.”

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