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BUSINESSES, landlords and property owners in Dundee have been urged to work together to help drive the city’s economy.

The call comes from Lynne Short convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee at the launch of a new push to encourage more investment in the city.

She said: “Bringing jobs and prosperity is a complex and long term process but one of the key things we need to think about is our home grown talent and resources.

“We are good at levering as much cash and development as we can get our hands on from sources outwith the city, but we also have the capacity here to do something for ourselves that fits with Dundee’s ambitions.

“Right now the council has only eight industrial, 24 retail and nine office units available to let, but there are other spaces in the city not being used to their best or maximum potential.

“The developments going on at the Waterfront and elsewhere in Dundee create knock on opportunities for landlords and property owners to think differently about the resources available to them.

“New, modern, turnkey offices at site six or site two coming on stream at the waterfront in the next year or so will allow established businesses in Dundee to relocate and do something else with the properties they vacate.

“A former Victorian or Edwardian office conversion in the city centre which long ago was outstripped by the demands of new ways of working and 21st century technology could be re-converted to residential use and offer city centre living in some stunning locations.”

Dundee City council is currently marketing industrial units, retail spaces and offices at locations across the city through

The city development service area operates as “landlord” for the city council's commercial and industrial property holdings and handles responsibilities ranging from maintenance and letting to redevelopment.

Cllr Short added: “Finding the right property is key to the success of any relocation and expansion project. Dundee offers a wide range of property options, at competitive rental and purchase prices.

“We are putting our house in order and making things fit for purpose but we are not the only landlord in Dundee who has commercial property and I am calling on everyone operating in that space to be bold and ambitious.

“This is a special year for Dundee when many of the plans we have made will be delivered, but that is only the beginning of what I am sure will be a positive chain reaction if we work together to develop the city from within as well as welcoming new investment.”

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