Smoke Free Playgrounds Proposal

Smoke Free Playgrounds Proposal Image

Playgrounds in Dundee parks could be designated smoke free zones if a proposal is passed by councillors on Monday February 12.

The policy and resources committee will be asked to back plans for a voluntary code to cover the popular outdoor areas.

Council leader Councillor John Alexander said: “This is a simple but effective way to keep smoke away from children as they play in our excellent parks.

“As a council, we are committed to making Dundee a better place for everyone and this includes the health and wellbeing of all our citizens.

“There has been a massive change in people’s perceptions about where it is appropriate to smoke in the last 12 years since the smoking ban was introduced in Scotland.

“We hope that people will understand why we are doing this and will respect these playgrounds as much as they would places covered by no smoking legislation.”

The committee will be told that primary five children from across the city will take part in a competition to design a poster to advertise the smoke free zones.

It is hoped, following committee approval, that the signs could be in place this spring.

Councillor Alexander added; “These smoke free zones would help to promote a healthier environment, where smoking was not normalised.

“I would expect that smokers would have to agree with what we are trying to achieve here.

“It would also mean that children’s pay areas are cleaner as there is less chance of cigarette ends being discarded.

“I believe these voluntary smoke free zones will help improve people’s health across the city and we will monitor how well they are working.”

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