Annual Citizen Survey

Annual Citizen Survey Image

The opinions of Dundee people about life in their city will be put before councillors on Monday (February 12).

The annual citizen survey, which is based on interviews with 1,300 residents and has been running for 20 years,  helps the local authority guage progress towards its priorities on delivering services in Dundee.

Councilor leader Councillor John Alexander said: “The citizen survey is an invaluable guide to us about how people in Dundee thinking about the city, the services we provide and they way that people access those services.

“We use this consultation as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and helps us chart the progress that we are making to meet key objectives.

 “I take the results of the survey extremely seriously and any issues that are raised will be addressed.”

The survey looks at various issues including satisfaction with telephone and office visits, community safety, public image profile and satisfaction with local services.

Councillors will consider a report into the findings which focuses on questions around the council plan including the council’s website, refuse collection and street cleanliness.

Councillor Alexander added: “More people are telling us that their neighbourhood is a very good place to live and they are satisfied with their local environment.

“Burt we are never complacent and will always look at ways in which we can make the city a better place for everyone.”

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