Dundee Celebrates Year of Young People

Dundee Celebrates Year of Young People Image

Dundee City Council will be working to ensure that the Year of Young People 2018 is celebrated in style across the city with an innovative and dynamic calendar of activities.

The children and families service committee will hear of a number of local events that will be held to showcase the talent of Dundee young people and the contribution they make to society through education, culture, enterprise and health & wellbeing.

It will also highlight the ways in which young participate and play a part in promoting equality.

Children and families service committee convener Councillor Gregor Murray explained: โ€œI am keen that we can use this year to not only to showcase the amazing contribution that our young people make, but to encourage even more of them to get involved in the life of our city.

โ€œAn amazing programme is being put together to tap into this energy and enthusiam to demonstrate how the young people of Dundee are valued members of their communities and are contributing in so many ways.

โ€œI am keen that their voice can be heard and that we celebrate the fact that they are the greatest asest that this city has.โ€

A launch event is now being planned to bring the Dundee activities to the attention of many people as possible.

Councillor Murray added: โ€œWhile the Year of Young People is a national event, it is an opportunity for us here in Dundee to build a lasting legacy to ensure that the place of young people in our communities is always respected and their views are listened to.

โ€œI am sure that people in Dundee of all ages will welcome the chance to see the fantastic talent of our young people showcased in may ways.โ€

The children and families service committee meets on Monday March 12.

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