Narrowing city attainment gap

Narrowing city attainment gap Image

Progress in cutting the poverty attainment gap in Dundee is to be highlighted at the meeting of the children and families service committee on Monday (September 10).

Three separate reports show efforts that are ongoing to help improve attainment. These include the development of additional projects funded by the Pupil Equity Fund (PEF) to help break down deprivation-related barriers to learning.

Committee convener Councillor Stewart Hunter said: “All Dundee children and young people should be able to maximise their potential at school, no matter what their background is.”

A near £5 million of grant for Dundee in 2018/19 through PEF will be outlined, showing where schools are devising initiatives to help improve prospects for children and young people affected by poverty.

In a progress report on the annual education plan, the positive impact of PEF on improved outcomes for the most disadvantaged children across the city is underlined.

Meanwhile, the committee will also consider an inspection report by the national Education Scotland organisation which looks at how Dundee City Council is undertaking the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

This states that Dundee is making “good progress” in improving learning, raising attainment and narrowing the poverty-related attainment gap.

Effective partnership working is seen as a key strength. Areas for development include “building on the good start made”.

Councillor Hunter added: “Schools are targeting considerable resources from the Scottish Government into a range of imaginative and innovative projects which are really making a difference to the lives of young people.

“We need to continue our focus on how we can continue to remove obstacles to learning and attainment. All of our children and young people deserve to  have the skills to take on new opportunities as they grow.”

Councillor Hunter added: “I am pleased to see that our efforts are already having such a positive impact on our young people.

“We are on a long-term journey to increase attainment across the whole of Dundee and I would like to praise the commitment of our teachers and everyone who works in our schools.

“There are a number of very exciting projects happening throughout Dundee and schools are always looking to share good practice.

“I am pleased that Education Scotland has recognised what we have achieved so far. The report identifies the shared determination there is to make improvements to benefit all our pupils.”

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