Railway Station bike park officially open

Railway Station bike park officially open Image

THE LATEST £400,000 addition to Dundee’s bike infrastructure has been officially opened at the city’s railway station.

Funded by Dundee City Council, TACTRAN and Abellio ScotRail the 120 bike parking covered space was designed by Jacobs and Nicoll Russell Studios and built by Tayside Contracts.

Chair of TACTRAN Cllr Brian Gordon said: “Dundee Railway Station is a major gateway for the city and the wider region. Tactran has supported the delivery of this high quality, safe and secure cycle parking facility and is delighted that it is now open for use.

“It will improve integration between cycling and rail travel, promote sustainable journey choices and encourage more active and healthy lifestyles.”

ScotRail cycling manager Kathryn Mackay said: “We want to join up journeys across Scotland, and that includes those which start and end by bike.

“The recent investment in the area is a clear sign that Dundee is undergoing a real transformation, and we’re confident that the new facilities will encourage more people to cycle as part of their journey.”

Cllr Kevin Cordell Dundee City Council’s cycling spokesperson added: “Encouraging more people to get on their bikes is not just about telling them that there are health and wellbeing benefits and it is good for the environment. It’s also about making sure that the facilities are there to make cycling as easy and pleasurable as possible.

“Having somewhere secure and accessible to put your machine when you arrive at your destination is critical to the decision to take the bike in the first place, which is why today’s opening is such a big deal.”

Accessible through automatic doors and covered by CCTV the facility is owned by Network Rail, managed and maintained by ScotRail and free to use.

Mark Flynn depute convener of Dundee City Council said: “The physical infrastructure to support more active travel, including cycling, is key to improving air quality and health in the city.

“The bike park adds to what is a growing set of additions and improvements to the infrastructure in Dundee and I am delighted to see it open.”

Bill Reeve Transport Scotland’s Director of Rail added: “Good cycle parking is essential to promote cycle-rail integration and these additional 120 spaces are a welcome addition to this significant station redevelopment.

“Introducing enhanced facilities at stations encourages more people to choose active travel and low carbon transport modes for their everyday journeys and supports the transition to more sustainable forms of transport.”

As part of the annual Cycling Scotland Conference, this year being held in the city, delegates visited the new bike parking as part of study tours.

The conference is bringing together more than 200 professionals, campaigners, volunteers and national and local politicians to share experiences, learn from each other and network to help support cycling in Scotland and beyond.

The shelter is located to the north west of the railway station next to the car park.

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