Energy saving measures for non-traditional housing

Energy saving measures for non-traditional housing Image

A SCHEME that could help owners of former council houses to pay for energy saving measures including external wall insulation is set to be discussed by councillors next week.

The cost of the specialist cladding has so far put it out of reach of owner occupiers in some houses types in Dryburgh, St Marys, Fintry and West Kirkton but the proposals before next week’s neighbourhood services committee could change that.

A pilot equity release scheme introduced by the Scottish Government has been extended to Dundee.

It would let homeowners borrow money against the value of their property without the need for any ongoing repayments. The loan is paid back when they sell the property or when the last applicant dies.

Kevin Cordell, convener of the council’s neighbourhood services committee said: “Extending the equity release scheme to the city means that the money the Scottish Government gives us through the Home Energy Efficiency Programme - Area Based Scheme (HEEP-ABS) can be stretched that bit further to include cottage-type houses.

“We want to find out how many owner occupiers might want to take part in the scheme to gauge the level of interest and therefore how much of our HEEP- ABS we would need to use for that purpose.

“Initially we intend to limit this to £140,000 so that we can continue to deliver the successful and popular programme to flatted properties elsewhere in the city.”

Up to now structural issues in non-traditional houses have meant they need a specialist insulation product which costs up to £26,000.

Under the scheme a loan can be taken out for a variety of energy saving measures including (EWI), as well as any up-front repairs needed to allow them to go ahead.

A maximum of £40,000 can be borrowed as long as it is not more than 50% of the property’s market value. The owner must retain 30% equity in their property and because the scheme is backed by the Scottish Government it is them that will own the stake in the resident’s property.

The neighbourhood services committee meets on Monday (November 19).

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