Accessibility Improvement Plans for Sheltered Housing

Accessibility Improvement Plans for Sheltered Housing Image

Accessibility at sheltered housing complexes across Dundee could be improved if a tender is approved by councillors.

The neighbourhood services committee is being asked to allow spending of just over £31,000 to allow the installation of power assisted entry door openers at various complexes around the city.

Committee convener Councillor Kevin Cordell said; “This is a superb proposal that will help with accessibility issues at sheltered housing complexes and help improve the lives of people who live in them.

“Residents with mobility issues may struggle to open doors, and this new investment will mean that the touch of a button is all it takes.

“This will really help people in their daily lives.”


Meanwhile, the committee on Monday February 18 will also be asked to approve nearly £1 million worth of other tenders including boiler and roof replacements.

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