Safer roads in Dundee

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THE NUMBER of people killed and injured on Dundee’s roads continues to drop and progress is being made towards a further reduction by 2020.

New figures revealed by Dundee City Council show that casualty figures are reducing towards β€œambitious” Scottish Government targets.

To continue progress councillors are being asked to approve Β£150,000 of new road safety measures at locations across the city, and the implementation of two 20mph zones that are currently advisory

Alan Ross convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: β€œThe number of accidents in which people are killed and injured on the local roads network in Dundee continues to fall, but the figures only tell part of the story.

β€œUnfortunately in the past year one person was killed and 23 were seriously injured on our roads and behind each one of these numbers is a human tragedy.

β€œBringing in measures that are proven to improve road safety are therefore a vital part of our work

β€œWhat we have been doing is helping to protect people from serious injury and death and we will keep doing it until our roads are as safe as they can possibly be.”

In June 2009 the Scottish Government set national road accident casualty reduction targets for 2020 underpinned by a national road safety framework. Interim targets were also set for 2015.

When compared with the figures for the period 2004 to 2008 Dundee has reduced fatalities by 44% against a 2020 target of 40%.

The percentage of people seriously injured over the same period has been reduced by 59%, against a 55% reduction sought by the Scottish Government.

No children were killed on the local road network in Dundee between the baseline years of 2004 and 2008 and 2009 to 2015.

Cllr Ross added: β€œThe Scottish Government’s targets are ambitious and to achieve them we will need significant commitment and resources from all of our partners.

β€œWe remain committed to improving road safety for all residents and visitors to the city.”

A dozen sites have been identified for improvement work in the coming year and on-going accident investigations may identify additional locations. The most effective and appropriate measures will be decided after detailed design work. 

Arbroath Road at Claypotts Road

Lochee Road at Cleghorn Street/Rankine Street

South Road between Gray Street and A923

Meadowside at Panmure Street

Ward Road at North Lindsay Street

Albert Street near Lyon

Arklay Street at Tannadice Street

Drumgeith Road at Ballumbie Road

City Road, Blyth Street to Scott Street

Strathern Road at Fairfield Road

Whitfield Drive at Whitfield Gardens

Dock Street near Castle Street

Road safety statistics and the improvement measures will be discussed by the council’s city development committee on Monday (September 9).

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