Dundee receives positive environmental results

Dundee receives positive environmental results Image

Dundee has seen considerable improvements on local environmental measures over the last year, research shows.

Keep Scotland Beautiful's Local Environmental Audit and Management System (LEAMS) 2018/19 report has highlighted Dundee’s overall progress.

The report’s audit process for the city is carried out by Keep Scotland Beautiful and Dundee City Council. The data shows Dundee has improved in various categories.

Dundee’s overall street cleanliness score has risen to 92.1%, above the average rating of similar areas and an improvement on previous years. Assessments showed Dundee had lower levels of litter as more sites were graded as being in acceptable condition or better.

Vandalism has decreased from rates of 2.5% to 1.1% from 2017/18 to 2018/19 in Dundee. Graffiti has also fallen in the city from measures of 11.8% to 9.0% in the same period.

There has also been a considerable drop in flyposting across Dundee with a decrease from 6.5% to 2.0% from 2017/18 to 2018/19. The drop places Dundee below the national average 2.3% rate for flyposting.

Another positive has been the significant drop in smoking litter. Dundee has seen a 6.6% decrease in the space of a year. The rate of litter is below that of similar local authorities as assessed by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The perception of street cleanliness in Dundee was also highlighted as the condition of neighbourhoods have been judged to have improved visually. The research showed a subjective record of over 93% satisfaction with street tidiness, up from 90% in 2017/18.

Neighbourhood Services Committee Convener, Councillor Anne Rendall, said: "The news that Keep Scotland Beautiful have released is very positive.

"The Council’s Environmental teams have been dedicated in improving the conditions of streets in Dundee, tackling litter, graffiti and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

"These efforts go hand-in-hand with many environmental groups around Dundee. It's great to see so many people working together to take pride in Dundee."

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