Baxter Park tennis court floodlighting

Baxter Park tennis court floodlighting Image

Baxter Park is set to receive floodlighting at its recently upgraded tennis courts if approved at the city’s Neighbourhood Services Committee next week. 

Over £47,000 could be spent on upgrading the tennis courts through funding from a partnership agreement with Craigie Community Sports Hub.

Neighbourhood Services Committee Convener, Councillor Anne Rendall, said: “It’s great to be able to extend the leisure opportunities available in the community.

“This is a perfect example of partnership working to deliver the facilities to allow local people to play tennis for longer in Baxter Park.

“Tennis is a great source of exercise and fun, and I’m sure the new floodlights will only increase popularity in the facilities.”

Through partnership working with Craigie Community Sports Hub to install the floodlighting, Dundee City Council will offer a greater opportunity for tennis to local people.

The recreational tennis facilities will now be open for longer and will run from Monday to Saturday until 9pm.

In addition to the funding raised, Craigie Community Sports Hub have proposed to deliver programmes for community tennis at the courts.

These activities will run year-round, including programmes like ‘Tennis for Free’ which is promoted by Tennis Scotland.

The tennis courts previously received an upgrade in July 2019, which saw new specialised tarmacadam surfaces and fresh paintwork carried out. Additionally, new fencing and infrastructure was implemented at the site.

The floodlighting installation works are expected to be completed in April 2020.

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