Council leader thanks staff

Council leader thanks staff Image

THE LEADER of Dundee City Council today thanked the thousands of workers helping the city respond to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Across the local authority and its partner agencies, staff have been working tirelessly to keep key services running and support those most in need in city communities.

Today (MONDAY) saw the opening of child care facilities for vulnerable young people and the children of key workers in eight Community Support Centres across Dundee.

Councillor John Alexander said: β€œThe way that our employees and staff from some of our partner agencies have responded to the urgent need for these facilities has been incredible.

β€œToday should be the first day of the Easter break, but teachers and support staff have offered to come in to ensure that vulnerable children are supported and key workers can continue their response to this unprecedented health crisis.

β€œColleagues from Tayside Contracts and other partners have also been instrumental in setting up these essential child care facilities as quickly as possible.

β€œThey are, of course, just one example of people responding with compassion and dedication, at a time when they will have their own anxieties and personal circumstances to deal with.

β€œThe bins continue to be emptied, lifeline benefits are still being paid, homeless people are being supported and care is being delivered to our most vulnerable citizens – to give just a few examples.

β€œAnd the development of further services to be run through the Community Support Centres continues.

β€œLike all organisations, we are seeing significant levels of absence as a result of the measures being put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That means we are having to focus on essential services, and there will be some inevitable disruption.

β€œI’m hugely grateful to all the colleagues – across the council, our partners and the wider city – who are delivering for our communities and those most in need of assistance in these difficult times.

β€œThat also includes those who have shown great flexibility by working from home or deploying into different roles.”

Councillor Alexander called on residents to treat frontline staff working to deliver vital services to the city with respect and consideration.

He said: β€œWe’re working together as a city to keep everyone safe and to minimise the impact of coronavirus on our communities.

β€œThere are thousands of people making every effort to serve the people of Dundee in what are extremely challenging circumstances. So please be understanding and kind to our employees if services are disrupted.

β€œEverything citizens can do to help – following the guidance only to make essential journeys and avoiding things like littering and dog fouling when you do go out – is hugely appreciated.”

The council leader welcomed the establishment of the Scotland Cares appeal, which will allow people to register an interest in helping the NHS and other organisations in the battle against the virus.

He added: β€œSince the start of the outbreak, we have seen the very best in people, here in Dundee and further afield.

β€œThere are already lots of great community-led initiatives under way. Through selflessness and helping those in need, we’ll get through this together.”

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