Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidance for Health and Social Care Staff

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidance for Health and Social Care Staff  Image

Updated guidance for the use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been issued to Health and Social Care Partnership staff in Dundee.

The updated information on the use of PPE for health and social care staff while caring for patients and residents has been produced by Health Protection Scotland.

This guidance has been developed on a UK four-nation basis, with input from Royal Colleges and expert scientific groups.

It reflects the fact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now more widespread in the community, meaning health and social care workers are more likely to see patients with the virus (including some not yet showing symptoms).

This guidance advises workers what PPE to use in various healthcare settings, when a higher level of protective equipment is needed, and detailed advice around risk assessing use of PPE in a range of different clinical scenarios, including community settings, such as care homes and caring for individuals in their own homes.

A Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership spokesperson said: “Our employees are carrying out fantastic work to deliver lifeline services in difficult circumstances.

“Keeping residents, service users, and staff in social care settings including home care safe from COVID-19 is extremely important and it’s vital that social care staff and volunteers feel safe when they are providing support.

“This new updated guidance provides a greater degree of clarity so that our staff caring for services users and residents feel confident in what PPE they need to wear.

“We are working with all partners and the Scottish Government to ensure we are getting supplies of PPE. Please be assured that additional supplies arrived this week and we are working as quickly as possible to distribute that and we continue to focus our efforts on sourcing further PPE going forward.

“We will continued to issue the most relevant and up to date national guidance to our staff.

“Please be assured that, despite all the challenges this fast-moving situation presents, the health and safety of our workforce, service users and residents is paramount.”


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