"Collective effort" plea as Covid-19 cases increase

"Collective effort" plea as Covid-19 cases increase Image

Civic leaders today called for “another collective effort from the people of Dundee” to halt the escalating spread of Coronavirus in the city. 

The number of Covid-19 cases being identified in the city has increased again this week, and Dundee continues to have the highest rate of infection per 100,000 people in Scotland. 

The Lord Provost and Council Leader said today everyone had a part to play by following guidance and hygiene measures in the weeks leading up to proposed easing of restrictions, announced by the First Minister this week. 

Council leader John Alexander said it was a “critical period” and that the current significant increase in cases needed to be taken seriously. 

Councillor Alexander said: “Here in Dundee and across Scotland, we are starting to see vaccines break the link between infections and hospitalisation. 

“That’s really positive news, and the vaccination programme continues to make tremendous progress. But we’re not all protected yet, and this is a critical period. 

“We need to do everything we can to prevent the spread of the more-transmissible Delta variant and protect those who are not yet fully protected by vaccines. 

“That means continuing to follow the Level 2 guidance in place for Dundee. Minimising our number of contacts with others and maintaining good hygiene are important ways to break the chain of infection. 

“And please also get tested, whether you are showing symptoms or not – it’s never been easier to access regular testing via the various sites in Dundee or by getting a test kit from your local pharmacy or delivered to your home.” 

The latest figures show almost 200 new cases identified in a single day in Dundee, and a seven-day rate of 302 per 100,000 people which is the highest in the country. 

Lord Provost Ian Borthwick said: “The last year or so has been difficult for us all, and it’s understandable that people are tired and frustrated. 

“Remember, hope is on the horizon. We’re making great progress with the vaccines, and every day more people are protected from this awful virus. 

“Within weeks, life will hopefully feel a lot less restricted for us all. We just need to buy ourselves a little more time. 

“This is a city of people who care about each other. That has been amply demonstrated throughout the pandemic, and I’m sure it will continue to be as we do our bit to protect loved ones and those around us. 

“I know how much we have asked of ourselves and each other since last March, but we need another collective effort from the people of Dundee over the coming days and weeks.” 

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