Headstone safety works in cemeteries

Headstone safety works in cemeteries Image

Significant progress by the council has been made to reduce risks associated with historic headstones in city cemeteries will be reported next week.

Any dangerous headstones up to 1.5 metres tall have been dealt with during inspection processes.

Funding of £50,000 has been made available to help future efforts to make dangerous stones safe and continue an inspection programme.

Neighbourhood Services Convener, Councillor Anne Rendall, said: “This investment will allow an ongoing safety regime to operate across our cemeteries in Dundee.

“Officers of the council work very hard to contact families through checking records of stones which have had to be made safe. This is because the headstones are their property and not that of the council. We always deal with these issues as sensitively as possible.”

Councillor Rendall added: “Dundee cemeteries are peaceful places of contemplation where there are some fascinating insights into our history.

“It’s important that all visitors to the city’s cemeteries remember to act considerately at all times to ensure that the cemeteries remain as safe as possible for the many people that visit them every year.”

Neighbourhood Services Committee will meet on Monday 27th September to discuss the Headstone safety in Cemeteries report.

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