Update on Move to Secondary Faculties

Update on Move to Secondary Faculties Image

Dundee secondary schools are now starting to move to a faculty leadership structure as part of the city’s drive to improve attainment.

The change from the current system of a principal teacher for each subject area was initially agreed by councillors three years ago, but has been delayed due to the pandemic.

Following discussions with trade unions, secondary schools are moving to the new system on a phased basis. Dundee City Council is hoping and willing to continue talks with the trade unions.

The first stage will act as a ‘test of change’ and there will be regular reviews with head teachers as part of the process.

Dundee will become one of the last of Scotland’s 32 local authorities to adopt the faculty model. The children and families service has looked at operations across the country to help inform and develop the city’s system.

Faculties bring together ‘families’ of subjects headed by curriculum leaders, rather than the current system of principal teachers for each individual subject.

A Dundee secondary school could feature faculties including:

  • English and Literacy
  • Languages
  • Maths and Numeracy
  • Sciences
  • Technologies
  • Expressive Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Wellbeing

City council children and families convener Councillor Stewart Hunter said: “I would like to thank staff for their patience as we now move to faculty structures following delays because of the pandemic.

“This time has also given us opportunities to further discuss the issues with trade unions and has helped to develop the phased method of implementation.

“We will also be talking to principal teaching staff about the options that will be available for them.

“The change is designed to improve the quality of learning and teaching in our secondary schools by providing enhanced whole school leadership that can better support pupils and improve outcomes.

“It is only one of a range of measures which are being taken forward in Dundee schools to improve the situation as we work to reduce the attainment gap.

“The curriculum has moved on hugely in recent years and there are now different pathways to develop skills for learning, life and work

“Faculties provide a much more integrated and effective approach than is possible through the current system.

“We all want to give our young people better life chances when they leave school.

“I believe that by moving our secondary schools to a faculty structure, we will be making significant steps to help achieve this.”

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