Take Pride in Your City Update

Take Pride in Your City Update Image

City Councillors are to hear of the progress in the council’s Take Pride in Your City campaign as well as refreshed plans for the project over the next two years.

Take Pride in Your City exists to motivate city residents to help in the effort to prevent litter, dog fouling, chewing gum, fly-tipping and graffiti from blighting neighbourhoods.

The long-running campaign is designed to persuade residents to support positive behaviour and attitudes to enhance the city’s green reputation.

A detailed progress report has outlined areas of recent activity including litter picks, beach cleans, an eco-schools programme, a city-wide dog bin audit, larger capacity bins installed within the city centre, the roll-out of recycling materials to all households in the city, and much more.

Neighbourhood Services Convener Councillor Heather Anderson said: “The Take Pride in Your City campaign plays an important role in our city, and encourages us all to play our part in helping the city, and its shared spaces, stay in a condition we have all come to expect and can enjoy.

“This progress report is very detailed and contains no less than 120 actions to be completed over the next 24 months. The Take Pride campaign is dynamic and we will continue to ensure it is tailored to meet the demands of our city, our neighbourhoods and our residents.

“Since the last campaign update, Dundee has continued to receive many awards for its environmental management and outdoor spaces, such as the Scotland Beach Awards, the Green Flags, and the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards to name a few.

“With our established collaborative efforts from members of the public, community groups and council employees we can keep up our proud efforts and continue our important partnership working.”

The report will be put to councillors at the city’s Neighbourhood Services Committee on Monday 22nd August 2022.

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