Dundee Fairness Leadership Panel Conference

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Voices of Dundee people suffering at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis will be central to a city fairness summit on Thursday (October 27). 

Emphasis will be given to the views of lone parents, older people, and those with disabilities, as agencies work together to try and lessen the impact on local communities. 

The Dundee Fairness Leadership Panel is staging the event on Thursday (October 27) in a bid to highlight resources that are available to people as well as try and plan a way forward. 

The availability of advice around the cost of living, stigma, and proposals for warm & welcoming spaces over the winter are among the topics to be discussed. 

Delegates from the public sector, voluntary sector and communities will be able to share information and exchange ideas. 

Organisations involved in presentations include One Parent Family Scotland, Dundee Pensioners Forum, Dundee Carers Centre and Dundee Community Food Network. 

Delegates will also be asked to consider “what more could we do, our local community do, our city do, our Governments do?”. 

Chris Birt, Associate Director for Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Scotland will attend the conference. 

The Dundee Fairness Leadership Panel was created last year to help push forward the work of the Dundee Fairness Action Plan. You can find out more here 

The panel is co-chaired by Dundee City Council leader John Alexander and Tony Gibson, who is a Trustee and founding member of Dundee Fighting for Fairness. He is employed by Eagles Wings Trust, working with Dundee’s homeless community.

Councillor Alexander said: “This is not a talking shop, this is a gathering of front-line agencies and those who are suffering at the sharp end to work out what more we can do. 

“We need to base our response to this crisis with the voice of Dundee people at its very heart. 

“While we all have very limited resources, the true spirit of our city is shown through partnership working and how organisations and agencies can pull together to maximise what we have. 

“It is a sad day when we have to have this meeting, but it could be one of the most important events in Dundee as we move from autumn into winter.” 

Tony Gibson said: “Here at Eagles Wings, we’re experiencing an increase in people needing help. More and more people are coming to our project that would never ‘normally’ need help from us. Many of our guests are experiencing very poor mental health due to the rising cost of living on top of what they went through during the pandemic. 

“I work closely with many of Dundee’s third sector groups, and the main message from the third sector is that we will continue to do the same good work we’ve been doing throughout the pandemic, and we just hope the politicians will do their part as well. 

“Today is a great opportunity for the political leaders, statutory services and third sector organisations to make sure that all is being done to protect the citizens of Dundee. If we all pull together, we will get through this winter.” 

General advice on the cost of living crisis from the council and its partners is available here 

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