Older People Advice Service

Older People Advice Service  Image

An advice service for older people in Dundee could be benefiting from funding to carry out work called “more vital than ever” during the cost of living crisis. 

The policy & resources committee is being asked to extend funding of £25,000 per year to 2023 to help support a post within the Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau’s Older People Advice Service. 

Older people are assisted to claim financial help that they are entitled to, but may not be aware they are eligible for. 

It is estimated that the service provides support to around 400-500 Dundee citizens each year and raises benefit gains in the region of around £500,000, equivalent to around £20 for each £1 spent. 

Policy & resources convener Councillor John Alexander said: “This service is more vital than ever given the ongoing and spiralling cost of living crisis. 

“It can really help older people realise the benefits that are available to them and also helps them to make claims. 

“This money could prove to be a life saver in some cases.” 

More details on the Older People Advice Service can be found here          

The policy & resources committee meets on October 31.

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