Burnside Court Bin Chute Pilot Update

Burnside Court Bin Chute Pilot Update Image

Councillors are to be updated on a pilot scheme which saw bin chutes close in the city’s Burnside Court multi-storey development in order to improve fire safety and increase the recycling of household waste.

Following the trial at Burnside Court, which included engagement with residents and joint-working from staff to provide advice & support for alternative means of waste disposal and recycling, it is proposed that bin chutes at the remaining ten council multi-storey developments also be closed off on a phased basis over the next year.

The current chute openings on landings do not meet recommendations for fire safety standards and are incompatible with the modern day demands of refuse disposal volumes and the lack of any recycling opportunities within the blocks.

There are maintenance issues at some locations due to the ages of the bin chutes, while some chutes at other locations require a full replacement which is not deemed a viable option.

Neighbourhood Services Committee Convener Heather Anderson said: “Before closing the chute at Burnside Court, council staff did a good job of communicating with all the tenants about the new arrangements for refuse and waste collection.  

“Residents of Burnside Court have been positive about both the lead up to the chute closure and the changes.  As well as being safer, residents are now able to recycle their waste and help us meet our climate change targets.

“If we approve this proposal, we will undertake similar extensive tenant engagement at the remaining multi-storey developments, providing information, advice and assistance prior to and during the works.

“Housing staff will undertake information days and surgeries with individual visits to tenants where required.

“Officers will also engage with tenants by telephone, email and written correspondence where appropriate, and undertake home visits to discuss matters in tenants’ homes to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved.”

The council operates a standing group of officers, including a representative from the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, which meet regularly to consider fire safety in council multi-storey dwellings.

Regular physical checks of these buildings are undertaken, including fire risk assessments. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service also undertake regular inspection of high-rise common areas to ensure that effective housekeeping is in place, identifying issues that need addressed and providing advice to the council.

The Neighbourhood Services Committee will meet on Monday 21st November.

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