Delivering Dundee's climate commitments

Delivering Dundee

WITH WORLD leaders gathered in Egypt for this year’s global climate summit, a new report has revealed the progress made on Dundee’s commitments in the wake of last year’s conference.

More than a dozen activities from climate literacy training to developing new approaches, strategies and themes have been delivered in the city to respond to the local, national and international climate crisis.

John Alexander convener of Dundee City Council’s policy and resources committee said: “As well as giving us a chance to showcase our response to the climate emergency up to that point, COP 26 in Glasgow called on local authorities from across the globe to support its ambitions.

“This report highlights the progress that has been made in Dundee since last November when we made a commitment to tackle climate change and shift towards a lower carbon, more inclusive society by signing the C40 Cities: Race to Net Zero pledge; the Edinburgh Declaration; and the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration.

“Since then the council and its private and public sector partners from across city have come together on a series of initiatives, most recently the creation of an interactive visualisation of how the actions in the city-wide Climate Action Plan are impacting on Dundee’s target of net zero by 2045, while at the same time allowing us to model new solutions to close the emissions gap.”

Dundee City Council has reduced its total carbon footprint by 50% since 2007/08, through energy efficiency measures and behavioural changes.

The council’s policy and resources committee, which meets on Monday (November 21), will also hear about:

•             the launch of the Dundee Climate Fund, a £750,000 participatory budgeting exercise, the first of its type in Scotland, which will see spending decisions on local initiatives to raise awareness of climate change and reduce carbon emissions made by public vote;

•             a Net Zero Business Event for over 50 small and medium enterprises delivered as part of Earth Hour Week in March;

•             the UK Climate Change Committee visit to Dundee in April as part of a nationwide tour to better understand the challenges and opportunities of delivering the country’s net zero emissions target:

•             the submission of the council’s first climate progress report to the highly respected Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities and states to share their climate action;

•             joint work by the Dundee Climate Leadership Group on a first of its kind, public/private whole system approach to Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) and Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEE); and

•             on-going work on the council’s first Net Zero Transition Plan which will set out organisational emissions reduction programmes and targets and a carbon budget for each council service area. 

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