New shelter constructed at Templeton Woods

New shelter constructed at Templeton Woods Image

A new woodland structure has been erected within the city’s Templeton Woods giving visitors a place to shelter from poor weather conditions when taking in the outdoor area.

The new large, robust, open-sided woodland shelter sits near the existing car park and toilet facilities within the woods in a clearing previously used as a timber lorry turning area.

The building is 12 metres by 7.5 metres, with a steel construction and sheet roofing with transparent panels. It has been built using a weight-bearing roof, and is situated adjacent to a main path, with the shelter being all-access for everyone to take in.

Neighbourhood Services Committee Convener Heather Anderson said: “Previous to the construction of this building, there was no space within Templeton Woods where groups, individuals, families or volunteers could gather to hold activities, or shelter during bad weather.

“This versatile new facility has been designed to be used by youth groups, community groups, through education, public events and more. The location was chosen so it’s central to a variety of habitats and path networks within the woods and, as such, is ideal as a starting point for exploration and discovery.

“We were made aware that some trips to Templeton Woods, for example from school groups, were cancelled due to the lack of shelter provision. With this new facility in place, more people will be given the positive opportunities of spending more time outdoors at Templeton Woods.”

The facilities have been funded by Dundee City Council.

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