Perth Road Improvements

Perth Road Improvements Image

Nearly £200,000 could be spent on environmental improvements to Dundee’s Perth Road district centre.

The Fair Work, Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee will consider a tender for work to enhance the area at its next meeting.

This would take place at three locations along Perth Road at Sinderins, Pennycook Lane and Millers Wynd.

Hard and soft landscaping resurfacing would be undertaken, including the installation of new planters alongside bespoke street furniture like seating and chess tables.

Also, at Millers Wynd, a formal lighting solution will be installed to replace the existing temporary Christmas tree lights cabling, as well as a new Euro bin screen and a cycle shelter.

Committee convener Councillor Steven Rome said: “As is detailed in the retail survey which is also being considered by the committee, our district centres play a vital role in supporting and enhancing our communities.

“We are determined to make the city a better place for everyone, and improvements like these will strengthen the appeal of this area for visitors and locals alike.”

The committee meets on September 25 and is being recommended to accept a tender from T&N Gilmartin with a total cost of £192,000.

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