Filming generates £5.4m for local economy

Filming generates £5.4m for local economy Image

FifeScreen+TayScreen has released annual figures detailing the film, television and media industry's multi-million pound contribution to the economy of the Fife and Tay region. The office has also supported ground-breaking work with a UK first – virtual production over 5G between Dundee and Manchester.

The figures in its annual report show continuing resilience for film and TV production in 2022/23 with production spend reaching £2.7 million, generating a total economic impact of approximately £5.4 million. This highlights the significant contribution that the screen industry makes to the local economy and the wider region. The office recorded an increased total of over 450 filming days at locations across the region. 

Inward investment of £5.4 million was generated from well over 100 different productions made in Dundee, Fife and Perth and Kinross.

The sector supports jobs and livelihoods including freelance crew and services that are integral to production such as hospitality and accommodation. It plays a major part in promoting the region for economic and social development and attracting tourism.  

Production highlights included time-travel romantic drama series Outlander returning for Season 7. Apple TV brought filming to the region for the series on young wealthy Americans entering society in the UK, The Debutante.  Travel show Miriam and Alan Lost in Scotland starring one of the region’s own movie stars, Alan Cumming, and iconic actor Miriam Margolyes, attracted a significant following.

The UK Open Golf brought over 20 production companies. Psychological drama Annika saw the region’s attraction for crime on screen continue.   Brands filming in the region included Mercedes and fashion label Hugo Boss. One of the key highlights of the was the commencement of filming for the highly anticipated final series of drama The Crown. This further solidifies the Fife Tayside region's position as a preferred destination for high-profile productions, drawing attention and visitors from around the world.

FifeScreen+TayScreen has also been supporting the Tay Cities Deal project Tay5G Virtual Production. This has seen testing of simultaneous production connected over 5G between Manchester and Dundee in real time and supported the creation of Virtual Production studios and facilities at Abertay University in Dundee.

Dundee’s Fair Work, Economic Growth & Infrastructure convener Councillor Steven Rome said: “Dundee and the wider region continues to demonstrate the immense charm of its varied and unique locations. From internationally renowned spots to unexpectedly captivating places, there is no shortage of appeal.

“The region's vibrant creative sector and collaborative mindset add to its allure and welcoming atmosphere. With the backing of TayScreen, we are confident that the region will attract lots more diverse productions in the years ahead.”

Cllr Altany Craik, spokesperson for Fife Council Finance, Economy & Strategic Planning, said: “The year 2022/23 was a great year for Fife and the surrounding region. I am pleased to see that filming is going from strength to strength. One of the advantages of our region is its convenient access to studio and production facilities.

"The efforts of FifeScreen, in collaboration with the Council, have been instrumental in promoting our locations and attracting diverse audiences. It is widely recognized that media experiences play a significant role in motivating people to visit and experience places in person.”

Councillor Andrew Parrott, convener of Perth and Kinross Council’s Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee said: “We are fortunate to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty so it is no surprise film-makers are keen to shoot here.

“It is always fantastic to see locations from Perth and Kinross on screen and this report shows the significant economic impact filming has across Tayside.”

The report also emphasises the positive impact of screen tourism on the local economy. While tourism services faced challenges due to increased operating costs and the cost-of-living crisis, screen tourism continued to play a crucial role in raising awareness and influencing destination and economic development decisions. The allure of seeing Scotland on screen remains a significant factor for up to 40% of visitors to the region with the impact reported to last for at least four years.

Tay Screen is committed to supporting and promoting the region as a premier filming location, as well as leveraging the power of screen tourism to boost the local economy. As part of its mission, TayScreen continues to collaborate with industry partners, local businesses, and stakeholders to create a ‘film-crew friendly’ environment for filmmaking. The success of the past year reflects the continued collective effort and dedication of all engaging with the screen industry in the Fife Tay region.

Looking forward, TayScreen remains determined to build on this success and further solidify the region's reputation as a vibrant hub for screen production. By attracting more high-profile productions, nurturing local talent, and fostering collaborations, TayScreen aims to continue driving economic growth and showcasing the unique charm and beauty of the region to audiences worldwide.

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