Achievement of Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs

Achievement of Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs Image

Children and young people with Additional and complex support needs continue to achieve.  

The committee heard that in 2023, 78% of school leavers with Additional Support Needs (ASN) attained literacy and numeracy at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 4+, which is 12% higher than in 2019. 

Furthermore, the number of school leavers achieving literacy and numeracy at SCQF Level 5+ increased by over 20% since 2019. 

The number of children and young people in Dundee identified with additional support needs (ASN) has steadily increased since 2010 and there continues to be year on year increases. This is mirrored nationally.  

There are several reasons children might need additional support needs, including social, emotional, and behavioral difficulty, autistic spectrum disorder, or family issues. 

Children attending special schools are recorded separately. In 2023, 11 young people in S6 in Kingspark achieved several National 2 awards, these awards were in English and communication, food, health and wellbeing and performance arts.  

In addition, 24 pupils at Rockwell Learning Centre were entered for SQA awards in 2022/23. 

The council must provide adequate and efficient provision for additional support as required by each child or young person with additional support needs.  

There is no requirement that a diagnosis must be made before support is provided. 

Children, Families and Communities Depute Convener Roisin Smith said: “I want to congratulate all pupils in this report. 

“We know that not all the achievements of children and young people, can or should be measured in statistics.  

“It’s important that we understand that children and young people with additional support needs are not a homogenous group and as a council we need to offer the best support possible and understand the needs of our young people. 

“This report highlights real examples that we have managed to support our young people and it’s great to see some of those outcomes.  

“It’s a real delight hearing that through help, encouragement and support pupils are transitioning back into mainstream school or are managing to go to college. 

“Our schools don’t wait for an official diagnosis to put help and support in place for our children and young people.” 

The children, families and communities committee met on Monday 24th June.  

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