The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006

The Act covers three broad levels of engagement with parents. These are:-

Learning at home:

The Act recognises the vital part parents and carers play in children's learning and development. Parents are the first and ongoing educators of their own children and, as such, should receive information and support to help develop their child's learning at home and in the community.

Home/School Partnership:

The Act reflects the shared role and responsibility that schools, parents and the community have in working together to educate children. Schools must be open to the involvement of parents in the work they do and they should consider ways of providing information that helps parents engage with the school and their child's education.

Parental Representation:

The Act provides a framework for ensuring that parents have the opportunity to express their views and have these taken into account on matters affecting the education of their children, the schools' arrangements for promoting parental involvement and other matters or issue of interest to parents.

It makes provision for all parents to be members of the Parent Forum at a school, and to have their views represented to the school and education authority through a representative Parent Council for the School.