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The Communications Service:

  • provides a professional communications service to all Council service areas and some partner agencies
  • ensures that the residents of Dundee and the media (local and national) are provided with accurate and up-to-date information about council services, facilities and policies
  • undertakes media relations and media training while providing advice to all the Council on media issues
  • assists with the development of the council's social media presence and manages the  Council's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Flicker, TikTok accounts
  • manages the Council's web content
  • develops campaigns with national and local agencies as well as services of the Council
  • provides graphic and web design

Media Contact Information

For all media inquiries, please email

For emergency out of hours media inquiries only, journalists can call 07985 817954.

Communication Strategy

The Communication Strategy for 2018 to 21 sets out how the Council communicates externally and internally. The intended outcome is to deliver modern, multi-channel communications that support the strategic priorities of the council.

Communication Strategy

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