Dundee - UNESCO City of Design

In 2014 Dundee was named the UK's first (and remains to be the only) UNESCO City of Design.

The City of Design title was awarded to 12 other cities prior to Dundee’s designation and the network now includes 31 Cities of Design.

Dundee has been recognised by UNESCO for its diverse contributions to fields including, medical research, comics, video games and is of course now home to V&A Dundee: Scotland’s first design museum. The title recognises the design innovations Dundee has contributed to the world, including aspirin, biomedical research which has led to hundreds of new cancer drugs, comics including the Beano and Dandy, orange marmalade, video games including Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto.

Dundee City of Design’s fundamental principles informing the action plan are, to:

  • Celebrate and demonstrate the impact of design, engaging citizens in design, the work of designers and opportunities for co-design.
  • Champion Dundee’s designers by promoting their talent, supporting their creative and commercial success, and involving them in decisions.
  • Actively participate in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network/ Collaborate and share in developing projects and learning from other UNESCO Cities of Design.

For further information, please visit www.cityofdesigndundee.com or Design Dundee social media.

Dundee City Council is committed to the aims and values of UNESCO City of Design Dundee.