Information Pack for Parents and Carers of Children with Additional and Complex Needs

This information pack is for parents and carers of children with complex and additional needs.

The timing of the need for information varies greatly between parents. The information within this pack gives a very broad picture of services available. This pack allows parents to choose when they wish to move on to more specific information, relevant to their own child's very special needs.

Please read through parts of the pack when you feel ready. Your child may not need the help of all the professionals and services outlined in this pack, please do not be put off by this. We hope the professionals and supports listed in this pack may enable you to look after your child in a more informed way.

We hope to keep this pack regularly updated, and also provide an audio version, along with braille and large print versions in paper format.

We would like to thank all the parents and professionals who had an input in devising this pack - their hard work has been fruitful.

Download the ASPIRe leaflet (5MB PDF)