School Transport

Obtaining a Bus Pass

Bus passes may be provided to pupils who meet the following criteria:

  • If a pupils Home Address is 3 or more miles from their catchment school.

The pupils’ distance is calculated using the shortest safest walking route (SSWR) from home to school.


  • The pupils Home Address is 2 or more miles from their catchment school and be in receipt of Free School Meals.

In consultation with parents, some pupils may be encouraged to make their own way to school by public transport, in which case bus passes will be issued to them. Consideration will also be given to the provision of free transport for pupils with permanent medical conditions and/or a disability.

Apply Online

Alternatively, applications can be downloaded and sent to the address or email listed.

For any additional support or further information. Please contact:


Finance, Catering and School Services Team
Children and Families Service
Dundee House
50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee DD1 1NL