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Social Enterprises are increasingly more popular method of doing business, they are innovative and independent businesses with a specific social and/or environmental focus, which is where their profits are channelled.

There are increasingly more opportunities and demand for social enterprises as consumers are more socially and environmentally aware about where they are purchasing their products/services from.

Social Enterprises are usually born though a need in the community or an area that standard commercial businesses don’t fill. In Scotland 34% of social enterprises are operating within rural areas with 64% of them being led by women.

There are currently more than 5600 social enterprises operating in Scotland, 599 of which have been formed in the last two years with the average age of an enterprise being 20 years old, contributing £2bn GVA to Scotland highlighting the sustainability of the sector.

Dundee has a vibrant and developing social enterprise sector supported by Dundee Social Enterprise Network.

DSEN offer tailored direct practical support and advice to existing and aspiring social enterprises in Dundee.

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