Accounting Strategy

The Accounting Strategy team is responsible for the Council’s financial planning and reporting function. Every Council must have a Chief Financial Officer to lead on this, this is currently the Executive Director of Corporate Services

The Council is required to finance part of its budget through the collection of Council Tax. The Council Tax is set by the approval of the Revenue Budget & Review of Charges. The budget shows how much is to be spent in the financial year in delivering each of the Council’s services. This is prepared in conjunction with the services to ensure it reflects all ongoing plans and strategies.

A Capital Plan is also prepared and approved each year. This details the expenditure on creating, purchasing or upgrading the fixed assets which are used in delivering the Council’s services.

During the year reports are prepared monitoring both the revenue and capital spend against budget. These are discussed with the Councils’ Management team and presented to the Policy and Resources Committee.

The Council’s financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March. Annual Accounts are required to be prepared for audit and presentation to the Council by 30 June. The Accounting Strategy team prepare these accounts, taking into account updates in financial reporting guidance and legislation. They then liaise with the External Auditors to allow them to complete their audit and prepare their management report.

The Accounting Strategy team also provide financial advice and assistance to Elected Members and Council services to assist them with planning and decision making.  The team also co-ordinates and submits various financial returns and grant claims to various bodies, including the Scottish Government.

Contact Details:

Francois Devilliers
Accounting Strategy Manager
Tel: 07385 931075

Floor 4, Dundee House
50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee, DD1 1NZ