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Dundee City Council is committed to increasing opportunities for young people in the city. In late 2016 two one day events brought together people involved in the delivery and use of employment services for young people to discover how these services are currently experienced by the under 25s in the city and explore how services can develop in the future. The events were designed and facilitated by innovation agency Open Change in partnership with Frances Greig, Manager for Learning and Organisational Development, Dundee City Council.

Day one was attended by over thirty DCC staff and Partners involved in employment services and nine young people either employed by the council as Modern Apprentices or being supported on their journey into work through council agencies. The majority of these participants also attended on day two and were joined by five new young people and a further twenty five council staff including the Chief Executive and Heads of Services and partner agencies.

The approach taken and methods used placed young people right at the heart of focused conversations and discussions that aimed to capture their experiences, insights and aspirations. As many of the participants observed, this represented an effective and powerful approach and, if applied further, could be a means by which they have a real say in the redesign on employment services for young people in Dundee.

Eight new service proposals and improvements were developed by cross-service teams from the City Council. These included changes which can be implemented immediately and some which could be developed and implemented in the medium and longer term.

“It will be the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the next generation which will make change happen” - Heather Campbell, DCC Modern Apprentice