Pest Control

Our team of Pest Control Officers have a wide experience in delivering a full range of pest proofing and pest control treatments, carrying out in excess of 7,000 visits per year involving:

Rodents, mice, silverfish, firebrats, fleas, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, book lice, bed bugs, moths, larder beetle, fur beetle, carpet beetle, biscuit beetle, woodworm, spider beetle, saw-tooth grain beetle, plaster beetle, dermestes beetle, house fly, drain fly, fruit fly, cluster fly, blue bottle, clover mites, house dust mite, slugs, spiders, centipedes, wasps, ants, bees, blood spillage, spraying of human and animal faeces, spraying for infectious diseases, strange smells, pigeons, gulls, starlings etc., bird proofing of buildings, guano removal, houses cleared out and cleaned, inspection of buildings for pests, contract work, spraying of pigeon droppings, disinfestation of refuse areas, insect identification, installation and maintenance of electric fly killers, installation of automatic air fresheners etc etc.

In other words, we cover just about anything out there. Please note that charges are applicable for most services.

Detailed information is available on the following subjects on the relevant pages on this website.

For arranging treatment:

Pest Control - Request It

For further information, advice or details on charges please contact our Customer Services Advisors on 01382 436288.

We also offer an emergency call-out service from late May to September (additional charges apply), which can be arranged by calling 01382 434343.

This emergency call out service is available between the hours of 5.00pm - 8.30am Monday to Friday and  24 hours Saturday/Sunday. Outwith these times please call 01382 436288.