Benefits of being an ECO Stars member

Image of ECO Stars sticker on lorryAs a member of the free scheme you’ll receive over £1000 worth of free professional support to improve your fleet management – and you’ll be part of a UK network of fleet managers who are already part of the scheme.

Members receive a free operational efficiency review and road map developed by specialist fleet consultants to outline measures to reduce fuel consumption and help you reduce your fleet operating costs. Once you've received your road map you’ll receive ongoing support.

The ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme can have a big impact on your business. Benefits include:

  • Improving your fuel efficiency - by implementing the key measures recommended by ECO Stars, a typical commercial vehicle operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption at least 5% in the first year.*

  • Saving money - Up to £2300 per vehicle (Based on 80,000 miles per year of diesel) – For an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one whole tanker of diesel!**

  • Reducing your environmental impact - a typical LGV could see its annual output of carbon dioxide fall by six tonnes per year*. Reductions in toxic emissions of NOx and PM are also possible. This can be an opportunity to raise your operational and environmental profile, particularly in the eyes of other operators, customers and the local community.

  • Free windscreen decals for each vehicle to profile efficiency and environmental credentials to the public and customers.

Each ECO Stars member receives a star rating based on an assessment of how 'clean' their vehicle fleet is and the best practice they demonstrate in key areas of:

  • Fuel management

  • Developing driver skills

  • Vehicle specification and maintenance

  • Use of IT support systems

  • Fleet performance monitoring.

*   All figures from Department for Transport Freight Best Practice Programme.
A saving of up to £2,300 per vehicle in fuel costs is based on driving 80,000 miles per year at 8 mpg and an average of £1 per litre of diesel.

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