Can I have a bonfire to burn my garden waste?

Can I have a bonfire to burn my garden waste? container

Can I have a bonfire to burn my garden waste? content

Please note that during the current Covid-19 crisis we are requesting that residents refrain from burning garden waste / having bonfires as the effect of bonfire smoke can exacerbate pre-existing respiratory conditions and worsen the impact of Covid-19. People self-isolating will not be able to avoid the smoke

Although Dundee City Council is made up of a network of 21 Smoke Control Areas, this does not mean that it is illegal to have a bonfire. Whilst it is not illegal to have a bonfire, an inconsiderately burnt and smoky bonfire may well cause a statutory nuisance in regards to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Burning waste can prevent people from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing, and the smoke and fumes created affect air quality and can be damaging to health in the longer term.

Garden bonfireThere are alternatives to burning your garden waste and the Council recommends wherever possible that garden waste is taken to a Council Recycling Centre for composting and recycling. Alternatively, the Council offers a kerbside garden waste (brown) bin collection service. Further details on brown bins and how to order a brown bin can be found on the Brown Bin Garden Waste Collection pages of this website.

If you are to have a bonfire, be considerate and speak to your neighbours. If you warn them you are going to have a bonfire they are less likely to be annoyed - particularly if you give them a chance to bring their washing in and close their windows.

If you are bothered by smoke, you may wish to approach your neighbour first and try to resolve the problem amicably – they may not be aware that their actions are causing you concern. If this fails, contact Neighbourhood Services, details below, as they will investigate complaints and take appropriate action.

Further information on bonfires can be found on the 'Bonfires and other smoke' page of this website.


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