Bring Sites

Bring Sites have been provided to make it easier for residents living in flats and tenements in Dundee to recycle.

You can also view all Recycling Points on a map, or find your nearest recycling centre.

Location Paper and Card Glass Plastic Bottles Aluminium Cans
1/15 Dickson Avenue    
104 Buttars Loan    
104 Thurso Crescent    
107 Midmill Road    
112 Clepington Road    
112/126 St Kilda Road    
113a Broughty Ferry Road    
129/171 Tweed Crescent    
13 Dunholm Road    
149 Balunie Avenue    
154 Broughty Ferry Road    
16 Forthill Road    
160 Balunie Drive    
227/229 Perth Road    
234 Clepington Road    
243/253 Charleston Drive    
299 Strathmore Avenue    
33/55 Spey Drive    
35/37 Ballindean Road     
40 Perth Road    
44/46 Clepington Road, Dundee    
451/461Charleston Drive    
52 Byron Street    
571/573 South Road    
71 Kemnay Gardens     
73/75 Balgarthno Road    
Abbotsford Place    
Abbotsford Street    
Abernethy Road (B/F)    
Allan Lane    
Americanmuir Road    
Ancrum Outdoor Centre    
Annfield Street    
Arbroath Road    
Arklay Street / Sandeman St.    
Arklay Terrace / Court Street    
Art College, Perth Road    
Arthurstone Terrace    
Ashbank Road    
Balbeggie Street    
Balbeggie Street    
Baldovan Road    
Balfour Street (University)    
Balgarthno Terrace    
Balgay Cemetery    
Balgay Road    
Balgowan Avenue    
Ballantrae Terrace    
Ballindean Road (Taxi Rank)    
Ballumbie Drive    
Ballumbie Road    
Balmerino Place    
Balmerino Road (near shops)    
Balmoral Avenue    
Balmoral Gardens    
Balmuir Road    
Balunie Avenue / Balcarres Ter    
Balunie Dr (opp ind. estate)    
Balunie Drive    
Balunie Drive (opp skate park)    
Balunie Street    
Baluniefield Road    
Bankmill Road    
Barnes Avenue    
Barns of Claverhouse Road    
Berwick Drive (Dunrobin Walk)    
Berwick Drive (bus stop)    
Berwick Drive (shops)    
Birkdale Place    
Birkdale Place    
Blackness Avenue    
Blackness Road (fire station)    
Brackens Road    
Brantwood Avenue    
Brook Street (B/F @ M&S)    
Brook Street (Dundee)    
Brook Street, Broughty Ferry    
Brownhill Road (Shops)    
Brownhill Street    
Bruce Street / Hill Street    
Buttars Loan Shops    
Caird Avenue (Church)    
Campbell Street    
Camperdown Road    
Cardean Street    
Cart Place    
Catterline Crescent    
Charleston Drive / Arran Drive    
Charlotte Street    
Cheviot Crescent (Play Area)    
Church Street (B/F) - No.8    
Cleghorn Street    
Cloan Road    
Cobden Street    
Coldside Road    
Coupar Angus Road    
Craigie Avenue    
Craigie Drive    
Craigie Drive    
Craigmount Road (Shops)    
Craigowan Road    
Craigowan Road (New)    
Dalhousie Road    
Dalmahoy Drive    
Daniel Street    
Dawson Park (Car Park)    
Denhead Crescent    
Dickson Avenue / Clyde Place    
Drumlithie Place    
Dryburgh Shops    
Dunholm Road    
Dunnottar Place    
Earl Street    
Earn Crescent    
Eden Street    
Elders Court    
Ellengowan Drive    
Elliot Road / Glamis Road    
Erskine Street    
Fairmuir Street    
Ferguson Street Car Park    
Finavon Street    
Findowrie Street (Bus Stop)    
Finlaggan Crescent    
Finlow Terrace    
Finmore Street    
Fintry Drive Opp. Fintry Mains    
Fintry Road     
Fintry Road (@ shops & church)    
Fintry Road / Fintry Gardens    
Fintry Road Opp. Finlarig Ter    
Fintryside / Finlow Tce (New)     
Fleming Gardens North @ No. 28    
Fleming Gardens South @ No. 1    
Foggyley Gardens    
Forebank Street    
Forester Street    
Forres Avenue    
Forth Crescent    
Fountainbleau Drive    
Frederick Street    
Glamis Road (Shops)    
Glamis Road / Perth Road    
Glenconnor Drive    
Gleneagles Avenue    
Gleneagles Avenue    
Gleneagles Road    
Glenprosen Terrace    
Greenlee Drive    
Gullane Place    
Haldane Crescent    
Haldane Street    
Hamilton Street    
Hamilton Street    
Hamilton Street    
Happyhillock Road     
Harestane Road    
Hazel Avenue / Perth Road    
Hebrides Drive    
Helmsdale Avenue    
Hilltown Terrace    
Hindmarsh Street    
Huntly Place    
Huntly Square Shops    
Inverary Terrace    
Jedburgh Road    
Kilberry Street    
Kinghorne Road    
Kingsmuir Park    
Kinnaird Street    
Kirk Street    
Kirkton Community Centre    
Lansdowne Place    
Liff Road    
Liff Road    
Lochee Park Entrance    
Longhaugh Road    
Lorne Street    
Lyon Street    
Macalpine Road    
Main Street / Dens Road    
Mains Loan / Lammerton Terrace    
Manor Place    
Margaret Crescent    
Menzieshill Parish Church    
Mill O Mains Primary School    
Mill Street Car Park    
Millburn Gardens    
Mitchell Street    
Molison Street    
Monifieth Road    
Monifieth Road    
Murrayfield Walk    
Napier Drive    
Nevay Terrace / Glamis Road    
Ninewells Ave    
No. 2 Thorter Way    
No.20 Fintryside    
No.96 Fintryside    
Nursery Road    
Ogilvie Street    
Old Craigie Road (Allotments)    
Old Craigie Road / Nesbitt St    
Opposite Malmaison    
Opposite Thorter Neuk    
Panmurefield Village    
Park Avenue (@ Baldovan Tce)    
Park Place    
Pasteur Lane    
Peddie Street    
Peebles Drive    
Pentland Avenue    
Perth Road / Farington Rd    
Perth Road / West Park Road    
Pitairlie Road    
Pitkerro Drive @ McManus Court    
Provost Road    
Ravenscraig Road    
Rodd Road    
Rosebank Street    
Rosefield Place    
Rosemount Road    
Ryehill Lane / Perth Road    
Saggar Street    
Sandeman Street / Court Street    
Scotscraig Road    
Scott Street / Glenagnes Road    
Sidlaw Avenue    
Speckled Wood Court    
Spey Drive (Shops)    
St Clements Place    
St Edmund Terrace    
St Fillans Road    
St Kilda Road    
St Luke's Road    
St Mary's Place (Dudhope Crt)    
St Monance Place    
St Mungo Terrace    
St Vincent Street (B/F)    
Staffa Place    
Stobsmuir Park / Clep. Road    
Stobsmuir Park / Pitkerro Road    
Strachan Avenue    
Strathern Rd / Ralston Rd    
Strathern Road    
Strathmartine Road    
Strathmore Avenue    
Strathmore Street    
Strips of Craigie Place    
Strips of Craigie Road (shops)    
Summerfield Avenue    
Summerfield Avenue     
Taits Lane    
The Esplanade    
Tullideph Road    
Turnberry Avenue    
Turnberry Avenue    
Turnberry Avenue    
W Somerville Place    
West Park Rd / Rosewood Tc    
West Queen Street    
Whitfield Drive    
Whitfield Gardens    
Whitfield Loan    
William Fitzgerald Way    
Windsor Street    
Yarrow Terrace - No's 105 - 117    
Yarrow Terrace - No's 118-128    
Yarrow Terrace - No's 133-143    
Yarrow Terrace - No's 196-206