Dundee MyBins App

Dundee City Council have launched a new one-stop shop mobile and tablet application for all Dundee waste & recycling matters, making it easy for residents to stay informed.

The app can be downloaded now, free of charge for both Android and IOS users via the Dundee MyBins App website.

Find out about waste and recycling matters with the apps various features including:

  • Bin collection calendars and notifications;
  • News and information;
  • Recycling tips and advice;
  • Waste-related services;
  • Service updates and more.

The application has been released to make it easier and quicker for users to find recycling and waste information all in the same place. The app enables residents to keep updated with their bin collection schedule with push notifications reminding residents on which day to present the correct bin.

Further information regarding our current waste and recycling services, service disruption, Recycling Centre closures, bad weather, seasonal information, recycling tips and more are all contained within the app. Residents are encouraged to download the app to help stay updated, waste less and recycle more.

Further information about the app is available in our Frequently Asked Question section on the Dundee MyBins App website.