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How can the Antisocial Behaviour Team help?

The Team deals with complaints of antisocial behaviour throughout Dundee and works closely with Tayside Police and other agencies to resolve problems. Children and young people may be involved in the following types of nuisance:

  • Vandalism
  • Graffiti
  • Hanging around outside shops and people's homes
  • Blocking stairways or walkways
  • Playing loud music
  • Drinking alcohol in the street
  • Shouting and swearing at each other
  • Revving the engines of cars or motorbikes
  • Making threats against people or property

These types of behaviour may cause alarm and distress to others in the community and can make the neighbourhood a frightening place to live or to visit.

Complaints against young people are handled by two dedicated Investigation Officers whose main aim is to help youths stay away from trouble. They use remedies called Youth Notices and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to identify and reduce antisocial behaviour caused by young people.

What is a Youth Notice?

This is a Notice that officially tells a young person, and their parents or guardian, that they have been involved in antisocial behaviour in the community. Following investigations, they have been identified by the Antisocial Behaviour Team and Tayside Police as offenders.

The Investigation Officer, together with a Police Officer, will visit the young person at home and, in the presence of their parents or guardian, explain the Notice to them and ask them to sign to say they have received it. This is an opportunity to offer the family advice and support to help them deal with the offending behaviour.

Youth Notices are very successful in nipping antisocial behaviour in the bud. However, in the relatively small number of cases where they are not effective the Team and the Police can take further action and consider using an Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

What is an Acceptable Behaviour Contract?

An Acceptable Behaviour Contract - or ABC - is a written agreement between a young person, usually aged between 10 and 18, the Antisocial Behaviour Team and Tayside Police. The agreement is voluntary and, if the young person signs it, they agree not to carry out specified antisocial acts.

An ABC is designed to help young people start to take responsibility for their actions and to improve their behaviour with help and support from appropriate agencies if needed. The consequences of continuing to offend are made clear to the individual and their family. The Antisocial Behaviour Team and the Police monitor each ABC on a regular basis and the Agreement normally lasts for six months.

If you have any queries about Youth Notices or Acceptable Behaviour Contracts please call the Antisocial Behaviour Team on 307366 and speak to one of our Youth Investigation Officers.