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With almost 17,500 privately rented homes in Dundee, we want to find out how we can better support private renters in our city.  Dundee City Council has partnered with Generation Rent, the national campaigning body for private renters, to launch a consultation with private renters.

To start our consultation off, we want to hear the stories of all private renters in Dundee so we can gain a better understanding of the challenges people have been facing.  

For the first part of the consultation, we are launching a survey from 7 May to 18 June which will be open to all private renters in Dundee. We’ll also be working alongside renters later in the year, holding forums and focus group discussions.

Take part in the online survey

Why take part?  

By launching this consultation, we want to give you, private renters, the opportunity to share your experiences and learn more about your rights as private renters. Your experience, good or bad, will be part of our programme of work to improve homes in your area. 

You can find more about services available for private renters here.

By taking part in the survey, you will also have the chance to win one of 6 x £50 shopping vouchers!

For further information about the survey, please email or call 01382 433236.