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Abertay Housing Association is a registered Scottish Charity (SC030152) and is also registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator (HAL 297). Abertay aims to provide well managed and maintained rented housing to those in housing need at generally affordable rents.

Contact details
147 Fintry Drive
Dundee, DD4 9HE Map
Tel: 01382 903545
Email: customerservice@abertayha.co.uk
Website: www.abertayha.co.uk

Type of housing available

  • The association has a mixture of family and sheltered housing, with a few properties for those with special special needs or a physical disability.
  • Of its 1800 homes in Dundee, around half are in the Fintry area.
  • We have about 300 sheltered houses in 7 complexes around the city

Who can apply

  • The Dundee Housing Register is open to anyone aged 16 or over.

Where and how to apply

  • You can download an application form at www.dundeecity.gov.uk/housingoptions/hoapplicationform/
  • You can pick up an application form from the Abertay Housing Association Office at 147 Fintry Drive, Dundee, DD4 9HE or from any of the local council offices.
  • You can phone Lettings Centre tel 01382 307400 or 0300 123 9023 to have one sent to you.

How applications are assessed

  • Housing Applications are assessed according to your housing need and are awarded points in accordance with the Dundee Housing Register Allocations Policy

Rent Levels

  • The associations rents range from £220 to £475 a month.

Repairs and maintenance

  • The association is responsible for the majority of repairs and maintenance.
  • Some repairs may be the responsibility of the tenant as set out in the Tenants Handbook.


  • The association will , at present, carryout medical adaptations if requested or supported by the Occupational Therapists.

Right to Buy

  • New tenants do not have the right to buy.

Mutual Exchanges

  • The Association permits housing exchanges between its own tenants and those of other landlords