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Bield Housing was established in 1971. We are recognised as being at the forefront in providing housing and services for older people. Our housing is located across 21 local authority areas. We have 11 developments located in the Dundee area.

Contact details
1 Bonnethill Gardens
1 Caldrum Terrace
Dundee, DD3 7HB Map
Tel: 01382 228911
Email: info@bield.co.uk
Website: www.bield.co.uk

Type of housing available

  • Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing.
  • One development at Rockwell Gardens provides Housing with Care and Housing for Special needs.
  • 5 General needs properties are available at Rockwell Place, Coldside.
  • Amenity Development suitable for people over the age of 55.


  • On site staff provide support to tenants and ensure the building and common parts are maintained.
  • The size of the staff teams varies depending on the services offered at each development.
  • The majority of developments have a communal lounge, a laundry and guest room.
  • The local office can provide further information about services and facilities at individual developments.

Who can apply

  • Applicants must normally be aged 60 years or over.
  • In the case of a couple one person must be aged 60 or over. Exceptions can sometimes be made in certain circumstances.
  • Applications from people below the age of 60 are accepted for General Needs.
  • There may be other qualifying criteria depending on the location.

Where and how to apply

  • You can apply for housing by contacting the office at 1 Bonnethill Gardens, 1 Caldrum Terrace, Dundee DD3 7HB, Tel: 01382 228911.
  • An application pack will be sent to you containing a location list, an application form and guidance notes to help you to complete the form.
  • You can also download the pack from the Bield website.

How applications are assessed

  • Applications are assessed using a points based system.
  • The local office can provide full details of how the application will be processed.

Rent Levels

  • Charges vary depending on the services offered at a development and the size of the property.
  • The local office can provide details of the currently monthly charge.

Repairs and maintenance

  • Bield provides a quality, responsive maintenance service.
  • This covers all parts of the home, inside and out (other than internal decoration).
  • Garden maintenance and cleaning of common areas are also part of the service.


  • We aim to make our houses as barrier-free as possible, with level access, lifts to most flats above ground floor, level access showers in many properties, and grab rails to aid mobility.
  • Adaptations to individual properties will be considered under the Adaptations Policy.

Right to Buy

  • Our housing stock in Dundee is not subject to the Right to Buy.

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • The Allocation Policy provides full details of transfers and exchanges. This is available from the local office or can be downloaded from the Bield website.