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Blackwood has over 1500 properties across Scotland.

Blackwood Homes provides general needs housing, housing with support and housing for people with a disability.

Blackwood Care provides varying levels of care and support to tenants and those living in the community, enabling people with a disability and their families to live as independently as possible.

Contact details
North Region Housing Office
Top Floor, Raeden Court
Midstocket Road
Aberdeen AB15 5PF
Tel: 1224 326964
Email: housing@mbha.org.uk
Website: www.mbha.org.uk

Type of housing available

  • Housing with support, general needs, amenity, and houses suitable for wheelchair users


  • Housing support service.

Who can apply

  • Anyone aged 16 or over can apply.

Where and how to apply

Please contact us on 0845 712 5865 for an application form or visit our website at www.mbha.org.uk.

How applications are assessed

  • Applications are assessed according to housing need in line with our points system.

Rent Levels

  • 2 apartment house: £285 per month
  • 3 apartment house: £336 per month
  • 4 apartment flat: £371 per month
  • 5 apartment flat: £387 per month.

All with additional service charges for services such as common garden maintenance, maintenance of any specialist equipment, etc.

Repairs and maintenance

  • Generally the Association is responsible for maintaining the fabric and permanent fittings of the building ensuring they are kept in good condition.
  • The tenant is responsible for internal decoration, furnishings


  • Funding is available to adapt houses to suit the needs of the tenant for example, bathroom adaptations, handrails and alterations to access.

Right to Buy

  • The Association has charitable status and tenants do not have the right to buy their homes

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • Tenants can apply to transfer or apply to exchange houses with the tenant of another public sector landlord